Server Ranks

The Dragoncraft server has a couple of ranks

The Council

  • The Council are the admins of the server. there aren't very many of them. They keep the server going and make decisions

  • They have a rank prefix of <Council Member> or <Council Leader>

The Dragonriders

  • The Dragonriders have as much power as the Council, but not as much responsibility in the Server

  • They have a rank prefix of <DragonRider>

  • You might also see them patrolling on dragons throughout the survival and creative areas


  • If someone has a playtester rank, That means they helped a lot with early testing and they have the rank prefix as a thank you.

  • They have a rank prefix of <PlayTester>

Have a rank idea or want to donate to the server to possibly get a one of a kind Donator Rank? Let us know by contacting