In the creative area there is a grid of plots that you can build on one you claim a plot. To claim a plot use the command /p claim. Once you claimed a plot you can do thins such as adding or trusting a player to build in you plot, using a tool called world edit to help with building, or merging multiple adjacent claimed plots together into one plot


  • Worldedit Is available to anyone in the creative world and it is restricted to plots you have.

  • For all worldedit commands you can do //help. Most world edit commands have 2 slashes instead of 1

  • Here is documentation on how to use worldedit:

Plot Commands:

These are the basic commands for the creative plots

All plot related creative commands begin with /plot or /p

/plot help - All commands and how to use them

/plot claim - Claims the plot you are in if it is unclaimed

/plot merge - If you ow a plot next to the plot you are currently in,

/plot add - Allow a user to build in a plot while the plot owner is online

/plot trust - Allow a user to build in a plot and use WorldEdit while the plot owner is offline