To play bedwars, walk to the bedwars blimp and you will be taken to the bedwars lobby. When you are there there is one wall with the signs for the different maps you can play, there is an exit doorway on side, there is a how to play infographic on one wall, and your bedwars stats on the remainder wall of the lobby

To start playing, right click the sign for to the map you want to join. You will be taken to the lobby of that map. To join a team, right click an armor stand or right click with the clock in your hand and then click the colored wool corresponding to the team you want to join

Command list:

/bw join <arena> - Join to arena

/bw leave - Leave from arena

/bw list - List of active games

/bw stats - Show your statistics

/bw rejoin - Join again to latest game you played

/bw autojoin - Join to first waiting game